About the Group


  • Slättö Fastpartner Spånga AB (publ) (the “Issuer”) has issued a secured bond of SEK 400 million.
  • Slättö Fastpartner Spånga AB (publ) is indirectly owned 60% by Slättö VII AB (“Slättö VII”) and indirectly 40% by Fastpartner AB (publ) (“Fastpartner”).
  • The issuer intends to build approximately 1,500 apartments on the properties. 600 apartments have been sold to an institutional buyer through a forward funding deal.


  • The bond is secured with first priority over the share capital of the Issuer, with a pledge in two bank accounts, including an account where interest payments corresponding to six months of interest are deposited and an account where certain funds from certain disposals are to be deposited in accordance with the Bond Terms, as well as certain downstream loans from the Issuer to its subsidiaries.
  • The issuer’s interest payments under the Bonds are guaranteed to 40% by Compactor Fastigheter AB and 60% by Slättö VII AB.